Therap Services

A secure billing and communication platform for therapy providers serving those with mental health challenges


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Therap is an inclusive electronic platform that assists service providers to securely handle, manage, and keep track of health assessments, health care plans, and offers billing solutions, document configuration, and incident reporting among other online solutions.

How it works

Therap takes care of your customer service needs. It is a proper choice to outsource all your billing activities especially if they occur in bulk for example in the health care provision sector. It is convenient to use since it is individual-centred. You can use Therap online or via the mobile App. With such a tool, the clients receive streamlined services that they access with ease. Therap offers an electronic records platform that eliminates all things associate with poor service provision.

It is one system covering all the billing needs of service providers as well as agencies and government organizations. It is secure, comprehensive, organized, flexible to use and safeguards your data from access by other parties.

Therap provides modules for a remote workforce that helps health care providers to plan for daily care tasks, track the health of clients and scheduling for appointments.

Features and tools

Some of the features associated with Therap include Elecronic billing, service provider system implementation, developmental disabilities, electronic health records, incident management, electronic visit verification, HIPAA, Emar, LifeCourse, Medicad Compliance, Person-Centred planning, state-wide system implementation, and employment history module.

The following are some of the tools and apps that Therap provides for service provision agencies:

Quality assurance tools

Therap helps service providers to have high quality documentation. Therap adequately supports data collection and tracking. The service provider, agencies and government organizations can use the tools Therap provides to support individuals and families and improve their lives using individual-centred services provided.

Employment history module

This tool works by assisting service providers to document employment and volunteering histories of individuals. It helps agencies to engage employment teams and give them tools to record their prior and current job details.

Analytic performance dashboard

This is a comprehensive feature that enables that analyses all data relating to your clients. Therap offers data driven solutions and supports the program you offer. They aim to improve communication with your client.

Beyond Electronic visit verification

Beyond electronic visit verification is Therap’s integrated electronic documentation system which simplifies procedures of documentation. It is a business intelligence tool that is one of Therap’s best.


The price plan for Desktop, QuickBooks, ProQuickBooks and Mac Desktop is $299.95 a month. The price for Replicon small businesses starts at $5 monthly and it is billed annually. The price for BigTimeExpress is $10.


  • Simple to use and navigate and it is efficient
  • One can use it on both PC and mobile phone
  • It stores all the information about a client on one page
  • It is conveniently organized in tabs and modules which makes it easy to learn


  • No free version or trial
  • The process of inputting data into Therap is time consuming
  • Costly additional modules for ongoing users
  • Insufficient room to write long monthly reports
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